The Corporate Deli
In-House Menu
Morning Incentives
Specialty Sandwiches
In-House Menu - Morning Incentives
Breakfast Plates
Egg Sandwich: Scrambled egg and cheese
on an English muffin, toast, or bagel
with bacon, ham, or sausage
on croissant

Breakfast Burritos: with egg, potatoes, & cheese
Add bacon, sausage, or ham
Smother it

Common Stocks: 2 Eggs, potatoes, toast,
small coffee or juice

Bonds: 2 Biscuits and sausage gravy
with potatoes
Cheddar-Jack Cheese Omelet

Preferred Stock:
Ham, onion, and green peppers

Capital Gains:
Chorizo sausage, onions, pepper
Smothered in green chili
Bacon, sausage, or ham
1 Egg
2 Eggs
Small side of potatoes
Large side of potatoes
Green Chili
Bagel with butter
Bagel with cream cheese
Cinnamon Toast
Piece of Fruit
Fresh Fruit Salad